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Providing tailored sales and fulfillment options to high quality publishers

新澳门六合彩 customers include any account in the book trade as well as mass merchandisers, specialty retail and wholesale customers, the gift trade, museums, Christian bookstores and churches, outdoor stores鈥攅ssentially any business that buys and sells books. 新澳门六合彩 sells to accounts around the world, both in print and electronic formats.

新澳门六合彩鈥 Facility Serves as the Hub for Shipping Domestically

新澳门六合彩 client publishers benefit from our centralized facility in Ashland, Ohio, which ships large and small orders to accounts domestically, and works with Baker & Taylor鈥檚 Momence warehouse to ship orders internationally.

One Hub Combines POD Manufacturing, Distribution, and Warehousing

POD manufacturing services allow for quick stock-ups or gap printing for all 新澳门六合彩 client publishers looking for cost-effective inventory needs.

No other book distributor can match the reach of our partner businesses

As a division of Baker & Taylor, 新澳门六合彩 collaborates with client publishers who benefit from our parent company鈥檚 position as a major supplier of public libraries and our unique relationship with Follett in educational markets.


Learn more about a few of the 新澳门六合彩 client publishers.

Featured Titles




Little Feminist

Effective immediately, 新澳门六合彩 is representing Little Feminist worldwide. Little Feminist is a mission-driven publisher of children鈥檚 books that proudly and prominently feature under-represented identities.

Schaffner Press

Effective, January 1, 2022, 新澳门六合彩 is representing Schaffner Press worldwide. Schaffner Press publishes high quality titles in the areas of literary fiction, nonfiction and poetry and which focus on the themes of universal social concern and social change, such as health, the environment, issues of race, war, and other humanitarian issues.

Tapioca Stories

Effective immediately, 新澳门六合彩 is representing Tapioca Stories in the US/CAN only. Tapioca Stories introduces Latin American children’s books to English readers by carefully selecting and translating children’s books created by unique and ingenious contemporary Latin American authors and illustrators.

Feeding Minds Press

Effective, January 1, 2022, 新澳门六合彩 is representing Feeding Minds Press in the US/CAN only. Feeding Minds Press delivers engaging and accurate portrayals of agriculture through children鈥檚 books that connect young readers to where their food comes from and who grows it.

Fern Books

Effective immediately, 新澳门六合彩 is representing Fern Books worldwide. Fern is a new press started by Kristina Kearns, former McSweeney鈥檚 publisher and editorial director, and Daniel Levin Becker, an author, translator, and longtime editor of both McSweeney’s and The Believer.

Word for Word Bible Comic

Effective immediately, 新澳门六合彩 is representing Word for Word Bible Comic in the US/CAN only. Word for Word produces high quality graphic novels presenting Christian scripture, with each book of the Bible featuring bold and historically accurate graphics with the unabridged NIV text.

Severn River Publishing

Effective immediately, 新澳门六合彩 has signed a full-service sales and distribution agreement with Severn River Publishing. Severn River Publishing ( is a powerhouse independent publisher of military and legal thrillers, historical and crime fiction, and action and adventure novels.